Anderson Broadcasting Live Stream

Q: I cannot hear the game?

A: Check the following:

Q: My browser says I need adobe flash?

A: Adobe flash is an online software program for playing media. Get the latest Flash Player Here

Q: My device isn't compatible with flash

A: Though flash is one of the most widely used formats, it is not compatible with every device. We suggest trying another device, preferably a computer or laptop, to hear the stream. Or select the "Try This Alternative" Button on the stream page.

Q: The link at the bottom of the stream page says, "Try this alternative in your media player." What is this, and what is my media player?

A: Media players are the software your computer, tablet, or cell phone uses to play music and videos saved on your computer/device. In windows, this is commonly Windows Media Player. Other media players are quicktime, VLC, and Winamp. If you have one of these, in most cases, you can use it to hear the stream.
To try this, follow these simple steps;
1. Return to the stream page, select your game, then click the, "Try this alternative in your media player." at the bottom.
2. Clicking that will download a file. Once the download is complete, select your media player to open that file.

Q: I don't have a media player that will play this stream.

A: No problem! We recommend VLC player, download it here.
Alternatively, try Windows Media Player

NOTE:Anderson Broadcasting has no associations with either of these software companies. Always use your own judgement when deciding whether to download any software to your computer/device.